The Javier Law Firm, LLC, is a New Orleans based law firm representing corporations (many of which are Fortune 500 companies), insurance companies, and third party administrators throughout the State of Louisiana. Founded in 2007, The Javier Law Firm provides its clients with competent, aggressive, and cost effective representation. 

Archimedes once wrote: �Give me but one spot on which to stand and I will move the earth.� Our philosophy is that each piece of information is important to any given assignment, any given fact can affect the outcome of litigation, and a single poignant argument can dispositively result in a favorable outcome. Our firm is unrelenting and will endeavor to leave no stone unturned. It is this tireless mentality which makes all the difference to our clients and their cases. No task is too small and no assignment is too large. We thank you for visiting our web site and we look forward to hearing from you.